Our Philosophy

This Lodge has become well known in it’s short life within the Taranaki District, (seventh year) as one that is going against the historical traditions and culture of those lodges established before and during the last century and should develop into one that is to be noted for it’s outstanding quality of performance in every respect in the future. It’s formation has questioned the long believed traditions of Freemasonry and has moved with the millennium having aspirations to build a Lodge worthy of today’s membership.

Freemasons, supporting the communityIn today’s environment we recognise the need to give value to the members and not allow them to become just a number in the bigger scheme of things, so that they can identify themselves as proud Freemasons belonging to Avant Garde Lodge. This Lodge’s evolution has given business minded men a chance to belong to an organisation that should return them a personal dividend that they may find lacking in most other types of social groupings or clubs.

We have sincerity, respect, values, harmony, education, professionalism, direction and good leadership and are actively building our name out amongst the community with charitable activities that have been rather impressive. We also accept that the world is a different place to what it was five years ago and that we need to keep pace with it. Men or males have over recent years been categorized and pushed to the side somewhat and Freemasonry has the ability to rectify this giving more constructive purpose to life than one may find in their current situations.

Time wasting at meetings has been carefully eliminated and all members receive meeting notification of activities and events through electronic media in ample time as well as through the monthly newsletter system. The lodge has ownership of both public address and power point equipment that is used for special occasions when guest speakers are invited.

Our Masonic Core Philosophy is embodied in the following:

  • Belief in a superior Being.
  • Open to all men of good character & of all races, creeds & beliefs.
  • Practice of Charity and Philanthropy.
  • Providing Fellowship by offering purpose and pleasure to members.
  • High integrity of members and the organisation through the application of codes of; Ethics, Morals and Conduct.
  • Never losing sight of the requirements of the modern day man in today’s world.
  • Using IT Technology to keep in contact with members.
  • Encouraging Wives and Partners of members to participate.

A simple explanation that sums up this philosophy would be to say that we are a group of men possessing attributes of; ceremonial, theatrical, philanthropic, traditional qualities, sociable and respectful of modern day human values.

Our Motto: Pursuit of Excellence