May 2011

Avant-Garde 503
May 2011 Newsletter
Easter has come and gone for another year and also our Anzac Day commemorations as the year slips on by leaving only Queens Birthday and Labour Weekend as the two remaining long breaks for 2011. This means that we are now heading towards that cold and wet weather of winter but I believe that we have had one of the most beautiful, drawn out Autumns and the leaves are only just beginning to change colour and the first snows have given their chilly bite to the air.

The Copernicus Lodge's Musical Third degree proved to be very well patronized by brethren from all over the Waikato and Auckland Districts with approximately 25 to 30 in the Northern Division Choir and my guess, of at least a further 70 to 80 brethren including Grand Lodge members being present to witness the Raising of Bro Kevin R Newcombe to M M. There were 2 Past Grand Masters along with 1 Past Deputy GM and M W Bro Selwyn Cooper GM, along with a number of District G M's present. The choir was ably conducted by V W Bro James Morton who attend our Dedication and Inaugural Installation back in 2003 and they proved very professional and added to the whole ceremony. This Degree working was of a quality that all brethren should aspire to and was a pleasure to sit and listen to.

The Central Division Annual Conference for 2011 is being held in Hastings on Saturday the 14th of May at the Hawke's Bay Opera House beginning at 10.30am. The Wor Master has been appointed as the Lodge representative and has the voting rights for the Lodge. It does appear that there are not to many attending from this District which is shameful to say the least for there is always something very interesting to learn from. My experience is that we appoint a representative and when he brings back information it appears to fall flat, back at the Lodge, with no-one accepting to put it into practice and we don't get the true value of it. This is not Freemasonry as it is meant to be. It has also been mooted that next years Conference could be in Taranaki but if we don't attend, then I can't see any possibility of us hosting it here in New Plymouth. We can't be expected to host an event that we refuse to attend ourselves in other districts. I know the costs are quite expensive at the Motels and the Conference Dinner on top of, but one does not have to go to all functions.

It was pleasing to view on TV the other morning, an interview with the Grand Secretary and I must admit he came across quite well, explaining the meanings of membership and some of the symbolism of Freemasonry. This would have been of interest to any persons wishing to join up or to the newer members already in the craft but I guess most of the membership would not have seen it for it was on channel 89 Sky and only luck that I saw it as I flicked across to pickup the world news. But it certainly shows that we the craft are out on the airways being positive. We only need to follow suit back at our level.

There are now only a few days left before our own Third degree on the 3rd of May and we must insist upon being the best we can for there is a possibility that there could be visitors from other Lodges, for we will be tyling at around the normal time of 7.00pm. This gives them time to have their own dinner and come along and we do have brethren coming from other Lodges to assist in the ceremony who may bring members with them. Also there have been requests from Lodges outside our District to forward our “Lodge Notices” to them so they see what we are doing and can have time to plan a possible visit. Brethren please give your best for Avant-Garde.

The Master and a few other brethren have been working tirelessly bring in logs for the Firewood project and over Easter there was quite a bit of activity in sawing and splitting but we need to deliver a few loads more. We have some under cover that can be brought out to deliver if anyone has a few moments to spare and can drive the tractor to load. If we have a winter like the Northern Hemisphere then I'm sure we shall be able to sell all we can supply over the next few months.

On Saturday the 2nd of July 2011 the Lodge intends to hold an Emergency Meeting to Initiate our next member into the Lodge and this will be another big event for brethren as we hope to make it memorable for our candidate and possibly his family. Give some thought to having a dinner for our guest and inform the Master of any suggestions you may have. There maybe visitors coming on this day also. Work is to be allocated at the May Regular Meeting.

Last year we discussed assisting the Alzheimer's Taranaki Branch with their Annual Appeal Collection and it is to be on the week of the 9th to the 15th of may which will clash with our Divisional Conference on the last couple of days but I'm sure that we can helpout for some of the earlier part of the week anyway. So Brethren please let me know what days you can assist and I'll arrange it with the Association. This is an opportunity to be seen out amongst the public helping within our community.

As 2011 is slipping by then also the Financial Year for the Lodge is coming to an end and any unpaid dues must be brought up to date by members who are not on auto payment. So please brethren assist the Treasurer by making any Outstanding Dues current and save many hours of reconciliation work for him.

How are the Ladies progressing with the knitting to assist Mrs Jan Cooper with her project of supplying knitted garments for premature babies. I know one who has been clicking away and has put together a number of items and is still working at making more.

Next Management Meeting is on the 10th May at 9 Ashmore Drive, New Plymouth. 7.30pm

Next Regular Meeting; Tuesday the 3rd May at Darnell Street NP . Time of Tyling is 7.00pm.

District Installation Dates :
April 30th: United Taranaki Installation.
May 9th: Lodge Manaia Installation.
May 14th: Divisional Conference in Hastings.
May 25th: Taranaki Research Lodge Installation.

B.A.B. 25/04/11