April 2011

Avant-Garde 503
April 2011 Newsletter
A huge, “Thank you”, to those brethren who donated so generously towards the “Christchurch Appeal” launched last month, we reached $700.00 by the cut off date and this was handed to our Treasurer for banking and a cheque has been forwarded onto the Mayoral Fund for distribution to those so in need in that devastated city. I'm sure it will be used for the intent it it was given. Thank you once again for your generosity.

Following on with all the shaking down south there has been a more disastrous event in the well known country of Japan, that makes the Christchurch quake pale into insignificance in comparison, for there are numerous loss of life, into the thousands, loss of accommodation, with towns completely wiped from the face of the earth. To be followed by the nuclear explosions in the power plants and leaking of radiation into the atmosphere threatening survivors of the latest devastation in the world. It does make one wonder, just how much trauma can the human mind and body take, in such a short period of time and what makes it adapt to such incidents that most of us shall never experience in a lifetime. These eventful traumas are a test of our resilience and they make one look very seriously at our own attitudes and actions of daily life. A follow on shake has occurred in Burma with a number loosing their lives as a result and it does appear that there shall be more around the world before long.

The 12th of March BBQ went down very well with a goodly number present, appreciating the enjoyable entertainment from the “Ukulele Orchestra” who played and sang for two and a quarter hours almost nonstop followed by the BBQ Dinner beginning with Nibbles, Crayfish, Sausages, meat patties, and a great selection of vegies followed by desert. A big Thank You to Pam and Roger for once again allowing us the use of their facilities we greatly appreciate it and also to the brethren and ladies who assisted. A well done effort.

The appeal for knitting of garments for Premature Babies is underway with a number of women clicking the needles and making these into items of use to help the children along in the early stage of life. It will be interesting to see how many are made in a short time span and delivered to those requiring this assistance. I think we should consider presenting them wrapped in plastic and our Emblem on the wrap with a note of where they came from. Just an idea to put our name forward.

The Wor Master of Lodge Copernicus have invited Brethren to a Musical Third Degree in Alpha Lodge-rooms, Cambridge on Friday the 15th of April, Tyling at 4pm followed by a meal to the cost of $25.00 PP. The Grand Master will also be present and received, so the evening should prove to be very interesting with the Northern National Choir providing the music. Any members intending to attend need to make an essential booking with the Assistant Secretary, Ivan Smith at; smichael@clear.net.nz I intend to travel up to it and if anyone else wishes to come, you are more than welcome.

The Lodge of Research is facing difficulties and have requested brethren to join with them to build up the numbers so they can continue functioning or the inevitable will be their only option. They meet four times a year and the dues are only $30.00 at time of print. They aim to support Lodges of the District with education and teaching.
If any Bro wishes to join up then please contact their Secretary, Bro G O Thompson. I don't think you will disappointed.

It is now 5 months since the Booklets of; Order in the House have gone out to members and to date I don't believe all have read them, so if you haven't received a copy then please contact the Lodge Secretary who shall endeavour to source them for you. So after reading them one could expect some comments to be forwarded for inclusion into the Lodge Plan and again I have had no input. Please Brethren make some effort to support this important document so it can be finalised ASAP. The Lodge Plan is a document that is as important as the Financial Budget so it is up to you to ensure that it is effectively operational.

Wor Bro Bill Yateman has kindly agreed to accept the Office of Master, for the next term and I'm sure that you will give your full support too. He is still to announce the officers but it could be expected that there will be some minor changes to the line up and we shall give him all the support he requires. Nominations are to be made at the May Meeting for the Master, Treasurer and Tyler and if you would like to have one of these offices then please discuss it with the Master now.

The firewood project has come to a bit of a stand still due to various reasons so we must get back to splitting again and have it back on track before it goes off completely. There are logs to collect from down the road and the next door neighbours so we do have the opportunity to keep it going. The success of this is up to each of the members to share a day with each other and get the job done collectively and to bring a mate along to help would be of benefit also. We are down to our last few dollars in that bank account and it is a must to keep faith with our customers or we shall be undoing all the good work work we have done in the past. (This is called waste.)

The Central Division Annual Conference for 2011 is to be held in Hastings on Saturday the 14th of May at the Hawke's Bay Opera House beginning at 10.30am. There could be a bus arranged at District level to take those interested over and stay the night or may return same day. Registrations must be in the hand of the Divisional Secretary G T Harvie 13 Galt Street, Hawera by14th April for the cheap price. Ladies are catered for. Your attendance would be appreciated both by the Lodge as well as the District GM.

For the following year it has been mooted that it be held here in Taranaki?? let's hope so.

Next Management Meeting is on the 12th of April at B R Chainey's. 51 Pembroke Road, Stratford. 7.30pm.

Next Regular Meeting; Tuesday the 3rd May at Darnell Street NP . Time of Tyling is to be announced after our next Management Meeting.

Installation Dates & Practice Meetings:

April 2nd Lodge Whangamomona.
April 9th Lion Lodge.
April 15th Lodge Copernicus Musical Third Degree working.
May 3rd Third Degree.
July shall be an Emergency Meeting for an Initiation.
Practice Evenings set down for April; Tue 5th, Thur 7th, Thur 14th, Tues 19th, Thur 21st, Tues 26th, and Thur 28th as a full Rehearsal.