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Avant-Garde 503
December 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to our new District Grand Master, Bruce Binnie, who I'm sure will be a great asset to the position and as he comes from Avant-Garde we will have to make sure that we in turn give him all the support and encouragement along with any assistance he may require. It can be lonely at the top
and many only come along to find mistakes and to point fingers.

With all the changes these past months in the structure and management of the Craft there is now an increased loading on the shoulders of our District GM and he will have to perform more activities than previous officers of this position. There will need to be some reassessing of these activities to enable him to fully appreciate the office and allow time for R&R. I'm sure, you brethren will offer all the assistance they may require over the next three years.

The Bi-biennial Grand Installations have come and gone and we are now into another new era of leadership by M W Bro Selwyn Cooper GM. Selwyn is well known throughout the country as a past Grand Secretary, a position he performed extremely well and has also held the more recent office of Northern Division GM and he has visited many times into Taranaki with various Grand Masters of the time. I expect that he shall be making a visit to this district in the very near future for he has intimated to myself that he would be having discussions with our Dist GM so I hope that he will make perhaps a visit to Avant-Garde.

Some of the remits were passed at these communications and others were left behind which they deserved to be for they were only using GL as the organisation of charity rather than the Lodge's themselves being benevolent. This would have increased capitation to all members who would never have known members or of their past contributions.

The Centennial Installation of Nai Mui Lodge, over in Taumaranui, proved to be a very well arranged event with a great show of hospitality to visitors and there were many from wide afield even Australia. The W Master, Noel Street, addressed the assembled Ladies and brethren in the over packed Lodge room on the last fifty Years of the Lodge as the first fifty were already documented and readily available if anyone wished to read them. The Grand Master M W Stan Barker, performed the unveiling of the Commemoration Plaque on the outside of the building watched by approximately one hundred and seventy to two hundred Ladies and brethren.

The number of Grand Officers was also a highlight of the ceremony for all the Past Prov Grand Masters still surviving from the old Waikato Provincial District, were also in attendance and many remarked that they had not seen this at any of the ceremonies for sometime. R W Tony Fitzherbert,
R W Bill Ross, R W Ross Smith now P Dep GM, R W Jack Riddel. I for one was most appreciative to once again be able to meet and greet these older brethren I had once worked with in their heyday along with many others I had not seen for sometime.

Also in attendance were, R W Neil Ingram Dep GM, R W Selwyn Cooper, G M Elect and now Most Worshipful GM, M W Barry McLaggan and M W David Mace accompanied by the Past Prov G Ms of the Waikato and of course myself from Taranaki, all added to the pomp and ceremony of the occasion.

The installation was performed by V W Paul Sutcliffe and District Officers for W Bro Errol Patterson WM (who is also a very good friend of Peter Scott WM of Manaia and who attended his installation earlier in the year). Errol is of Jewish decent and wore his little cap for the obligation and sealed the Jewish VSL. He is also a member of several other Lodges around the Waikato and a member of the Naval Craftman's Group, having the Compass presented to him by Wor Bob Jagger who filled in for our Master due to unexpected circumstances.

During visiting I have made these last few months, over in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato I have been approached many times by brethren and ladies who have traveled down to Avant-Garde's installations and who still remember the hospitality we provided them and often ask when we can go up and visit them so they can return this hospitality. Brethren, I suggest that we place this opportunity in the forth coming new year, as a priority and let's arrange a suitable month and time to make the effort of returning the gesture we gave them, for we shall be more than welcome in either the Hawkes Bay, Waikato or Bay of Plenty Districts. The name of Avant-Garde Lodge is highly appreciated and talked about throughout the country so lets' keep up the good name we have developed and be seen following up on invitations.

This being the last Newsletter of the year, I take this opportunity to wish one and all a very Merry Christmas and an enjoyable holiday season and look forward to the new year of 2011 and hope that our fortunes all improve for the better.

How Many of you have read the Booklet “ Order in the House” and passed it to the next name on the list? I found it interesting reading and there are many informative pieces applicable to us all. Please forward to the next person soon as you have finished and you can have it again soon as everyone has had a read, if you wish.

I remind you of our Xmas Dinner at Kauri Cottage.

The next Newsletter shall be out for the beginning of February.

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