Oct 2010

Avant-Garde 503
Oct 2010 Newsletter


Our Installation is over once again and we can congratulate ourselves for the very good turnout of both members and visitors from outside of the District, namely Hastings, Havelock North,
Dannevirke, Cambridge and Hamilton and this proves that we are providing just what people are looking for. The name of Avant-Garde has become well known throughout the country and we are being look upon as having come of age and now we must progress our membership and carry on the good work we have achieved these past few years. I believe that there are some other local Lodges beginning to copy our lead and reach out into the community with similar activities. Good luck to them.

There have been a few visitors who have either sent cards or phoned the Master offering congratulations for the enjoyable weekend and best wishes and some I have spoken too, wishing the same. No doubt many of you will also have had the same said to you so lets keep the ball rolling and look further afield. A big thank you to all for your assistance over the weekend. There were also a few couples missing on the weekend and I can honestly say that it wasn't quite the same without you and we look forward to once again catching up soon.

The collection for the Freemasons Charity realised $323.00 and the treasurer has rounded it off to $350.00 . The Alzheimer's donation made $169.30 and this was increased to $200.00 and most graciously received by them. A huge thank you for this contribution. I, in turn received an invite to celebrate Alzheimers Day with the Taranaki Branch members which was held at Crowded House and attended by the Mayor and a large number of the community from around the province but I wasn't able to make it due to working that day but we were represented by Bev. Although it was very short notice I did e-mail to a few members and partners whom I thought may be able to attend.

With the change of officers now in place we must look to our next project and for those who weren't at the last Management Meeting we discussed various items and decided the Secretary should make contact with the Endeavour Lodge No 504 in Christchurch to offer assistance for the supply of funding or assets or other assistance which ever is required to a deserving lodge or individual to help with recovery from the devastating earthquake. I'm still awaiting a reply. There is also the Grand Lodge Appeal being run where members can donate at the National Bank, for particulars you can find it on the Grand Lodge Web site. Brethren now is the time to give some thought to those in need for this type of incident may one day be on our own doorstep and the boot will be on the other foot.

Having sent the 25year pin down to Terry, he has advised that V W Bro John Steele is to present it to him on the 4th of October and also that the temperature down there is minus 5 degrees, first thing in the morning and they missed the storm we had in mid Sept. The Brethren of Avant-Garde Lodge congratulate you Terry on this 25th year achievement and wish you and Anita all the best and keep up the good work.

Bob has been down in Palmerston North these past two weeks receiving treatment and is making good progress and still has a further two weeks to go before the treatment is concluded but he still is awaiting an operation to mend his prostate which should return him to good health. Please brethren make contact with him and offer some assistance or call on him, for I'm sure he will be keen to see you.

Roger and I will be accompanying members of United Taranaki to Tauranga to perform a Third Degree on a United Fellow Craftmember at their Masters former Lodge, on the 15th 16th 17th of Oct and will be the acting Chaplain which will be a first for me. I was asked by V Wor Bro Ross Rex when he was down here a few months back to come up as we are more than welcome and I well remember when it was the brethren from the Bay of Plenty District who came down to us a few years ago and we had a great time with them. It is now time that we returned their gesture. I have been asked a number of times to go over there, which have been directed to the District but there has been no reaction so I believe that we as a Lodge could make a return visit to them in the not to distant future.

Our Xmas Dinner is looming and it would be an extremely good opportunity to invite your friends along too a nice night out and make this a memorable occasion for everyone. We need to grow our Lodge a little and by inviting other people along to see for themselves, what we are getting up too, would go along way to developing relationships with non members. It also gives them the opportunity to become members too. So Brethren ask as many as possible of your friends and don't prejudge the situation by believing that they wouldn't be interested so I won't ask, allow them to make up their own minds and lets see what they may decide.


Monthly Calendar
12th Oct: Management Meeting,Venue; P Doidge 11 Magnolia Drive NP 7.30pm.
24th Oct: Lodge Whanga hosting a Dinner at the Norfolk Road Hall.$25.00 dinner fee plus Novelty Fund Raising for a District Defibrillator in Hawera. The G M Elect and Jan will be in attendance.
27th Oct: Research Lodge GL visit. Lounge Suit.
28th Oct: District Meeting Mahoe St, Inglewood 7.300pm. Masters and Wardens are expected to attend along with other Lodge Brethren. Tidy Casual dress.
2nd Nov: Regular Meeting. Last for the year at Darnell St. 6.15pm
5th Nov: Copernicus Installation at Cambridge. ( No Ladies )
6th Nov : Ikaroa Installation and Dinner. David Lusk in the Chair. Lounge Suit, 3.00pm Tyling.
9th Nov: Management Meeting. Venue to be Advised.
Xmas Dinner Dec the 4th Kauri Cottage. Egmont Village. Invite your friends and or Family.

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