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September 2010 Newsletter

The 1st of September is meant to be the first day of spring and I think that it is about a month late for most of the lambing is now over and of course so is the calving as our farmers have been busy these past six weeks making the most of the good weather. Is the temperature alittle higher than normal for this time of year? I believe it is. Perhaps we can expect a nice long summer this year. It is certainly time to look at planting those early potatoes and some carrot and parsnips as well as the leaf vegetables.

Our Second Degree went off very impressively and was far better than what we had done at practice so I offer my congratulations to all who took part and we must now start planning the Third Degree and learning the charges again. I believe that we can expect it to be in May 2011 if all are agreeable on this month. Brethren the work carried out at another ceremony in the District a few days ago showed up the inadequate preparation of their members and if it wasn't for those who assisted from other lodges then it would have been a real shambles. There is no getting away from the fact that one must read the ritual book and learn and understand the charge that one is presenting or it will come back and bite you.

Installation time has arrived once more and all is looking good, for we shall be hosting a number of visitors from outside the District this year. It does appear that we have been singled out as a Lodge that knows how to treat visitors and able to give them a good time, so look well brethren to our guests. There will be a few of you required on the Sunday to help do the cooking & cleaning for the Brunch Meal at Rogers' starting around 8.30 – 9.00 am. Please give Graham a call to inform if you are available to assist for there could be in the vicinity, of around fifty odd present for the meal.

The Installation Dinner will be held at the Quality Hotel in New Plymouth from around 5.00pm to 6.00pm Happy Hour, followed by Dinner costing $40.00 pp and our Guest Speaker at 7.300pm, talking on Alzheimer's Research and after having discussion with him I have contacted the Alzheimer's Taranaki Assn, who are showing interest in the talk and we will open this part of the day to the people involved with Alzheimer's, such as the Caregivers from the various Rest Homes, Hospital, and interested people in the District. This function is beginning to grow our name more with many outside people attending because of what we are doing for the community. Very good PR so lets make it successful.

It has been announced that our new District Grand Master is to be V Wor Bro Bruce Binnie, P G Lec and the Director of Ceremonies will be W Bro Phillip Rowe PM of Lodge Whanga and the new Grand Steward will be W Bro Roger Gregory W M of Research Lodge of Taranaki. I take this opportunity to wish them all the best during their term of office and offer the assistance from our Lodge members should they need it. To those brethren whom allowed their names to go forward for office and were unsuccessful we thank you also and extend our best wishes and may you have gained from this experience.

The new Grand Master, R Wor Bro Selwyn Cooper P Dist GM has been nominated and voting is in process at the moment of writing. Selwyn and his wife Jan, will be known all around the country for he was the former Grand Secretary and travelled to many Districts with the Grand Masters of the time. I look forward to him becoming our next Grand Master and believe that he will be a very capable one too.

Our Planning Meeting that we had during August was a little flat for I expected more to come out but I assure you that we will continue to pursue the topic of planning and that I have set the ball rolling and we shall see just how far it will extend. The Master has been given an outlined Annual Plan paper that will be discussed at our next management Meeting after the installation is over. We need to give our ideas for inclusion of what one expects the Lodge to do over the next twelve months and also for the next 5 years. We must build our membership during this period and also work on a PR Awareness Project which was suggested at the meeting and thought to be quite worthy.

Those members interested in traveling to the Grand Installation and Communications in Auckland in Nov are reminded that there is an evening being held at the Leathley's on Friday the 17th of Sept for registration and meet with others who are attending. See the Taranaki Freemason for details.

I can report that Bob is making out okay although a little uncomfortable and is awaiting treatment down in Palmerston North possibly around the week before our Installation or the week following, for his problems which should bring him back to good health. Brethren don't forget to give him a call or drop around to say hello.


Monthly Calendar

Sept 4th : Installation Day and Dinner
Sept 5th: Brunch at Roger and Pam's. 8.300 – 9.00 am Help wind down the weekend.
Xmas Dinner Dec the 4th Kauri Cottage. Egmont Village.

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