August 2010

Newsletter 1

Avant-Garde 503
August 2010 Newsletter

Well spring us now in the air and one could question, What has happened to the year? For it was not long ago that we had Christmas. I'm sure that it is not global warming that is of concern but that the world is moving faster and the years are slipping past.

At the beginning of July the Master and I attended the AGM for Alzheimer's Taranaki which proved very interesting and informative and I was given the opportunity to address them and invite them to attend our guest speaker's address on the night of the Installation to which some indicated they would be interested. This will make for a more interesting session and will assist us to improve our PR awareness at the same time. There is also a possibility of assisting them with their Street Collection next year if we so desire and we can find enough helpers on the day. If you would be interested in helping this worthy cause then Contact Bernie.

The farewell to Andrae & Kerryn turned out to be well worthwhile and a very enjoyable Pot Luck Dinner as well. Our District is going to be that much poorer with their leaving and they will be missed by many brethren. Their short stay in Taranaki has impacted on a large number and the members of Avant Garde send their Best Wishes to them in their new home in the big smoke. Andrae's sense of humour and wit brought smiles to many people and his standard of ritual was outstanding. Graham and Margaret presented them both with a floral arrangement, on behalf of the Lodge which was unexpectedly received and Andrae presented Graham with a bottle of scotch as a thank you to Avant Garde brethren. Good Luck to you both and we look forward to meeting again in the future.

On the 21st of August there is to be an afternoon for some fun and enjoyment working for Avant Garde Lodge with Ladies being welcome if they wish.( we want it to be fun and you can assist with your attendance ) We are proposing to present some discussion papers that will kick aside some old traditions, followed on by the Development Officer for the Division, Jim Logan talking on Lodge Planning which will then entail you to bring forward your ideas of where we are heading over the next five years or so. You need to bring a pad and pen and we shall provide some light refreshments. A Pot Luck dinner will conclude the day at Roger's home and if it is anything like the one for the farewell earlier then it should be well worthy and not to be missed.

The discussion on increasing the Dues at the last Management Meeting has pointed out that we need to increase the membership as well, to allow for improvement of growth, in all we do over the next few years. There is no doubt that we are growing and improving, but it has been a struggle and we must continue doing what is proving worthwhile. I'm sure our Lodge has begun to show the rest of the district members that we mean business, for there is much more activity amongst other Lodges, so keep up the good work. Two local Lodges have been working to attract members and are being successful as you will soon find and Patea has a new candidate being their first for more than ten years. I will be interviewing a younger person in the not to distant future which I trust will prove valuable and fruitful for our Lodge.

On a more sombre note, I ask you all, to give some consideration to our elderly members and never hesitate to contact them to find out their circumstances and inquire if they need any assistance, for a very sad incident happened down in Wellington, where an elderly Master of a Lodge found things unbearable and couldn't see ahead and just gave up. There is no need for these incidents to happen within Freemasonry in this day and age and I ask you to consider, if you are really giving the elderly any thought at all. It need not be only the elderly either for this sort of thing can apply to any of us. This is a sad incident to say the least.

The Installation Dinner will be held at the Quality Hotel in New Plymouth from around 5.00pm to 6.00pm Happy Hour, followed by Dinner and our Guest Speaker at 7.300pm, talking on Alzheimer's Research and after having discussion with him I have contacted the Alzheimer's Taranaki Assn who are showing interest in the talk and we will open this part of the day to the people involved with Alzheimer's, such as the Caregivers from the various Rest Homes, Hospital, and interested people in the District. This function is beginning to grow our name more with many outside people attending because of what we are doing for the community. Very good PR so lets make it successful.

The proceedings from the Special Communications back in May has been released and there is some interesting reading especially when brethren ask the question of what were we voting for after they had voted. It would appear to have been an orchestrated kindergarten show at our expense. Say no more. There are some interesting points though that will enlighten members in just where we are headed. This release can be found on E-Mail, in the Grand Secretaries Newsletter sent last week. There is also an e-mail from the Grand Lodge Librarian with a description of books available for brethren to use such as one on speech making for Masons. I think that this would assist members to enlighten you in making speeches, for we have all had to do it.

I can report that Bob is making out okay although a little uncomfortable and is awaiting treatment for his problems which should bring him back to good health before to long. Brethren don't forget to give him a call or drop around. He is to be installed again into the Daylight Lodge on Monday the 2nd of August which is going to make him one of the longest serving Masters in the district. This will be his 8th time I believe.


: Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now!!
Allan Laken

Monthly Calendar

July31st: Offal Dinner, Colin's place 35 A Barrett Road NP 6.00pm & Ladies also and to move off to own venue from here.
Aug 7th: Regular Meeting, 2nd Degree in afternoon. Dinner venue to be advised.
Aug 15th District Pot Luck Dinner 4.00pm Darnell St. $10.00 Black Tie. See the Advert in local Freemason Magazine for details.
Aug 21st : Presentation of Greg Goding's Paper on membership and Culture and their successes in Australia at Darnell St rooms 1.00pm followed by Jim Logan Div Development Officer with Pot Luck Dinner at Roger's.
Sept 4th : Installation Day and Dinner
Sept 5th: Brunch at Roger and Pam's. Help wind up the weekend.