July 2010

Newsletter Avant-Garde 503
July 2010 Newsletter

There has been correspondence from Lodge Copernicus requesting information of our Installation day and it would appear that we could expect them to attend which may mean that there could be two bus loads coming from outside the District for this weekend. Roger has once again offered to cater for a BBQ Brunch on the Sunday and this will require a lot of help from the membership. So Brethren please make every effort to attend this weekend as we will be or could be hosting a large number of visitors.

The Master is at this moment putting together his programme of Officers for the year and if you would like to be elevated to either a higher office or to another position then now is the time to mention it to Graham for it is to late to alter after mid July.

The young man we have been giving assistance over the past couple of years to allow him to compete in his sport has been given the chance of his life to play for soccer's Team Taranaki and his very first debut he made the opportunity to score his first goal in the match against Tawa. One must remember that he is only a school boy competing with grown men which makes his effort more remarkable and on behalf of the lodge we have sent him a letter of congratulations and an offer of more help if he requires it.

There is some good PR coming from the Central Division Indoor Bowling Centre Newsletters informing their members of the Defibrillator development and the report of the Avant-Garde sponsored Fours Tournament presentation of prizes to the winning teams. This is excellent PR that is actually being given by someone else and is keeping our name out there in a positive manner. I have received a letter of Thanks for the Defibrillator Cabinet and they inform that they are being reimbursed for the repairs from the perpetrator through the Court and he has had to write an apology and deliver it to the Centre Secretary. I trust that this is now over with and the Bowling fraternity can get on with the rest of the season.

While we are on the Defibrillator subject, the Dist GM has informed brethren that he wishes to make another District Donation to the Op-shops in Hawera which are situated in a block very close to one another and it would be appreciated if Lodges helped out by raising funds for it. Brethren would you please contribute to this Project individually for some members of the Lodge are going to be very busy over the next few months and we are not able to put together any other source of fund raising until the new year. You may make a donation to either Bernie or Graham which will be handed on to the District GM for you.

July is the start of the busy period with a couple of social activities, one being our Offal Dinner night and the other is a Pot Luck Dinner to farewell a brother who is leaving the District to reside in Wellington. Although he is not a member of our Lodge he has contributed to it and is a very good friend with our members and has attended our social BBQs and some of the meetings. This is still to be worked out to find a suitable day for all.

The Communications is on again in Auckland this November and is promising to be a very expensive event on the Freemason Calendar which should see many staying away because of this
expense. If one wished to attend all the functions that are proposed then you would be advised to contact your Bank Manager for assistance and or to mortgage the house. Most I have spoken to feel that it is outrageous and they are reviewing any decision to attend other than the Business and Installation ceremony. Time will tell but it does appear that the Auckland District is fund raising at our expense.

Our Second Degree is to be held on the first Saturday of August in the afternoon at Darnell Lodge Rooms and there will be a dinner to follow but not sure at this stage of the venue. You will be notified as arrangements come together closer to the time. Our PRACTICES are being held every Thursday evening throughout July and it is advised that you read up the ceremony in the Ritual Book so you have some idea of the format and what can be expected. The past practices have not gone very well and it is intended to pick them up over the next few weeks.

On the 21st of August there is to be an afternoon for some fun and enjoyment working for Avant Garde Lodge with Ladies being welcome if they wish.( we want it to be fun and you can assist with your attendance ) We are proposing to present some discussion papers that will be eye opening and kick aside some old traditions, followed on by the Development Officer for the Division talking on Lodge Planning which will then entail you to bring forward your ideas of where we are heading over the next five years or so. A dinner will conclude the day. This afternoon is solely aimed at making our Lodge more enjoyable, exciting, interesting, growing and progressing into the future which we can only do with your input. It is not a Lodge meeting as such put more of a development meeting and very casual. You may need to bring pad and pen and we shall provide some refreshments.

The time has come to review the Lodge and I for one believe that we are in need of more younger members because our current membership has 60% being over the age of 65years and growing older. We require this ratio to be lowered and therefore we must work at it to achieve this. The 21st of August will be the day that we begin a new phase towards achieving this goal and heading into a more exciting development period.
We have a couple of people showing interest in joining Freemasonry and we must be able to give them the enjoyment that is required.

The Installation Dinner will be held at the Quality Hotel in New Plymouth from around 5.30pm to 6.00pm followed by our Guest Speaker talking on Alzheimer's and after discussion with him I have contacted the Alzheimer's Taranaki Assn who are showing interest in the talk and we will most likely open this part of the day to the people involved with Alzheimer's, such as the Caregivers from the various Rest Homes, Hospital, and interested people. This therefore would need a speedy or earlier dinner and conclude the Masonic side of the day and the venue then opened to the public for the talk by 7.30pm. I shall be having more discussions with the Assn over this coming week and rearranging the timing of the Installation Ceremony to suit.

This function is beginning to grow our name more with many outside people attending because of what we are doing for the community. Very good PR. Lets make it successful.


Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now!!
Allan Laken

Monthly Calendar:

July 1st: Grand Lodge visit to Whanga.
July31st: Offal Dinner, Colin's place 6.00pm Barrett Road NP & Ladies also and to move off to own venue.
Aug 7th: Regular Meeting, 2nd Degree in afternoon. Dinner venue to be advised.
Aug 15th District Pot Luck Dinner 4.00pm Darnell St. $10.00 Black Tie.
Aug 21st : Presentation of Greg Goding's Paper on membership and their successes in Australia at Darnell St rooms 1.00pm followed by Jim Logan Div Development Officer with Dinner to be arranged. Ladies welcome.