June 2010

Avant Garde 503
June 2010 Newsletter

Well our magical summer although a little late this year has finally given way to some wet weather this past month and as we approach June the first snow has stayed on the peak of Mt Egmont and it has begun to rain all over the country bringing some relief to parched fields in the North and down in the South Island. There appears to be a drop in the temperature but I suggest that it is not so cold for this time of year and we have only had a couple of frosts here in North Taranaki but perhaps other areas have had more.

The return of the Defibrillator has been great news and the Indoor Bowling Centre have had it repaired as the persons who removed it from the hall evidently did not know what they were doing and or what the unit was for. The pads had been tampered with and the unit had to be re-calibrated as it had been shaken in some way and it has been suggested that maybe it was thrown out of the office window when being removed from the hall. I have made a purchase of a Cabinet to house the unit from the suppliers and this has been handed to the Indoor Bowling Centre who will erect in the Hall. They have also put up our advertising board and are quite impressed with it.

Those brethren who attended the Annual Almoners meeting heard the name Avant Garde Lodge mentioned by the Superintendent of the NZ Freemasons Charity, R Wor Bro Mark Winger as a Lodge who have done a great job with the presentation to Base Hospital of the rehabilitation equipment. We were actually congratulated, now isn't that something? Thanks goes to all the members for their input on this project. This meeting was very informative, especially the guest speakers who had traveled from Auckland, Wellington and Raetihi.

We have paid for the alterations on the elevator and we now need to rebuild our funds so that we can continue with perhaps a 2010 – 11 project and to do this we require more logs suitable for firewood so if any one knows of some logs laying around then make contact with either Roger or myself so we can arrange to collect them. They will need to be down for at least twelve months and had the opportunity to dry off some if we have to use them this winter.

Graham and Margaret wish to thank all those folk who gave and or sent cards, flowers, cooking and assistance during their incapacitation over these last few weeks and advise that they are making steady progress and will soon be back to normal. If there are any people out there who are not so good and would like some help then do not hesitate to contact our Almoner, Roger.

The District Ladies Committee have donated more Hospital Packs to the Hawera and New Plymouth hospitals which were well received and featured in the Hospital Newsletter. Well done Ladies.

Well the Special Communications have come and gone and we await the Report from our Representative at our next meeting on the first of June but my interpretation is that there has been a slight turn around and members have given the Board some input that should make them aware that we are not to be walked over. I believe that for a Board of this type, to have brought forward these remits and expect them to be passed into law is an expectation doomed to failure. I believe not all Remits were approved on the day.

This years Communications is still on and will be held in Auckland in November 18th to 22nd as advertised but there maybe some alterations to previous held events. There is no doubt that Freemasonry is facing more change to keep up with the community and we can expect to have to alter our ways to suit. Gone is the held belief that we must hang onto the old traditions of the past.

We will be holding our Second Degree Ceremony at the August Regular meeting and practices are being held on the last two Thursdays of each month. For those who need the practices, which happens to be most of us, then please make every effort to attend. If not able to attend then also let the Master know in advance so practices can be called off or adjusted in time if not enough are there, otherwise members travel out and then find it is of little use and could have saved themselves the cost and time. Also there is no use holding them if there is only four or five attending for we require at least seven to give some continuity to the ceremony.
We look forward to putting on this degree as we have waited for sometime now and we need to progress our candidate as well as the Lodge.

How are members finding the Web Site? Are you using it as the Calendar of events and and the Forum to talk to one another? if not then try it for it is there to be used. I need input to keep the flow of information moving and one can run out of ideas so keep things rolling in.

Our “Financial Year” is about to close at the end of this month and if there is anyone who has not yet paid their “Dues” then please make every attempt to do so other wise the cost will be twice as much for the next year. If you require any information regarding amounts then please contact Bernie or Bruce. ( There is no need for auto payers to be concerned.) The Capitation fee will be higher this coming year so expect an increase and also there needs to be a review of the dues for we have not had an increase since formation. This will be looked at before too long I'm sure.

I believe that I have given members the wrong date for our Offal Dinner and it is meant to be the last Saturday of June the 26th and not the 31st of July as it is on the Web Site Calendar. There is to be a presentation of Greg Goding's very informative address on the membership problem faced in Australia and the success they made over the past few years. This is set down for Saturday the 31st July at 1.30pm followed by dinner. Ladies are more than welcome to come along for both parts of the day.

The Lodge requires to have a Program of Activities that will enhance the developing progress and keep direction moving along at a steady pace towards improvements for the future. With this in view it is suggested that we arrange a suitable meeting with Divisional Planning Leaders who can assist us and point the lodge down the correct track. For any further helpful suggestions from you members please advise the Master and it will be activated.
Monthly Calendar:
June 1st: Regular meeting Darnell St. Grand Lodge visit.
June 26th Offal Dinner. At Colin's and Ladies to meet there for Desserts. Further information once the gad about is home.
July 1st: Grand Lodge visit to Whanga.
July 31st: Presentation of Greg Goding's Paper on membership and their successes. Darnell St rooms 1.30pm followed with Dinner to be arranged. Ladies welcome.


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