may 2010

Avant Garde 503
May 2010 Newsletter

The elevator has been given a good make over and paint job and is working quite well but a couple of small jobs are needed to safe guard the wear on the belt but other than that it is running very well.
There have been a few loads of firewood completed with no breakages which is very pleasing for the old elevator had gone past it's use by date and there were some choice words when it broke down all the time. We need to catch up on the deliveries and a good day is required, either a Saturday or a day during the week but it will have to be soon before the weather becomes to wintery.

The Lion Lodge Installation proved a very good weekend and was most enjoyable with Bruce taking over the leadership again and Dad helping out with the position of acting Secretary a real family affair. The Ruahine District Grand Lodge are keen to come over to perform our September Installation and we will be hosting them in the usual manner I trust. We have been singled out as some of the best hosts in our district which is pleasing to see as we didn't receive much of a welcome from within when we began, but now many other Lodges are starting to follow our lead so keep up the good work. It is our intention to be leaders in the field.

The last Saturday of April Lodge United Taranaki held their Installation with Bro Roger Marshall being installed and he was presented for installation by a good friend, V Wor Bro Ross Rex Dist GM of the Poverty Bay District. Ross accompanied the Bay brethren when they came by bus to our installation back three years ago, and he informs me they are looking forward to hosting us up there in Tauranga sometime towards the early spring of this year. I do know that they have suggested that Roger and some of United members combined with ourselves to do a degree working but which one I'm not sure, possibly a second or third. I suggest brethren, that we go in force and that we offer to do some of the work. Think on it and let the master know of your preferences remembering that it was our lodge who hosted them and they wish to pay back the great time we gave them.

It is with some misfortune that the Master's wife Margaret has spent time in base hospital with pneumonia and has now returned home to recover. We all send our best wishes for a speedy return to good health. Please give Margaret and Graham all the help possible and if there is anyone else requiring some assistance contact our Almoner, Roger.

The Divisional Conference proved a very interesting time and well worth the trip down to Fielding for they have a great venue and provide a very good lunch. It promised to be a little confrontational at first with the Special Communications remits but this did not interrupt the program in fact it enhanced it somewhat. There are changes coming before long and GL wish to tidy up a few things before hand but they appear on the surface to have gone about it with no consultation of members and hoping that all will agree, which they don't. I have written a report of the Conference and it is being discussed at this months regular meeting along with the Special Communications Remits.

Masters and Lodge representatives have met with a good turnout and discussed collectively the remits of the Special Communications being held on the 21st of May in the Wellington Town hall at 2.00pm. The district have decided to supply transport to this meeting for the Masters and Lodge representatives to travel down to cast their opinions and vote either for or against.

Whatever the outcome of these remits will prove interesting, for G L wish to tidy up and start improvements of the craft over the following twelve months. I spoke with the Div GM at the conference and he has assured me that there is nothing underhand and there have been a few mistakes made and they wish to tidy them up and move on.

Brethren at the Div Conference were advised to make up a web site that would advise and enlighten the public of events involving Freemasonry. Lodges are beginning to gain momentum improving and developing the image of the Craft and there have been some positive responses from them. Google is now one of the most used sources for information so Lodges are encouraged to use it also. Do you not think that our Lodge has an advantage or are we leading the way for others to copy?

I'm extremely pleased to inform you that the Defibrillator we donated to the Central Division Indoor Bowling Centre has been recovered in Tauranga by the police. The Bowling members are elated with the news and we trust that the culprit may have earn't his just reward. We look forward to learn of the outcome.

There is the Annual Almoners Meeting being held in Inglewood on the 8th and there are some interesting members of GL attending. R Wor Bro Mark Winger, V Wor Bro Gordon Riach and Mrs Shiela Hicking from GL Office. Mark is the President of NZ Freemasons Charity and a very capable, positive and interesting speaker, one every member should take the time to hear for he will be explaining the aims and goals of his Board. Gordon is the Grand Almoner and he also is a good speaker to enlighten and thank the brethren for their contributions for the good work being done here in Taranaki, Mrs Hicking handles the Charitable Applications applied for at Head Office in Wellington. As Avant Garde have contributed and applied for benevolence applications these past few years we should show our appreciation to these members by attending this meeting. Ladies are more than welcome also.

The Wor Master is attending the Manaia Installation and he requests brethren to accompany him on this visit. Please advise if able to attend and make up a car load.

Monthly Calendar:

May 4th: Regular Meeting. Darnell St 6.15pm. Dining at Ugle Duck.
May 8th: Almoners AGM. Whanga rooms. 10.00 am pot luck finger lunch. All welcome to attend.
May 9th: Club Expo at the Hub, Hawera. Freemasons site 9.00am to 4.00pm
May 11th: Management Meeting, Lewis & Carols 122 Pendarves St NP. (east of Eliot St).
May 10th: Manaia Installation 7.00pm. Formal. Wor Master attending.
1May 26th: Research Lodge Installation. Formal.

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