April 2010


April 2010

I”m sorry to have to report that the Defibrillator we donated to the Central Division Indoor Bowling Centre has been removed by persons unknown and the only piece they have now is the box it was placed in. Police are investigating the theft but are not to hopeful at this stage. I would ask brethren to keep your eyes and ears open and perhaps check the Trade Me site now and again as the unit is not really of much value to an individual other than to turn it around into cash. We have the serial numbers and if you come across it please contact Bernie. The unit is really only of value to emergency medical services and there are quite a few when one thinks about it. Any assistance would be appreciated in the recovery.

We are now pursuing the possibilities of using an hydraulic drive system for the elevator which I believe would make for a simpler and tidier also quicker and perhaps cheaper unit than using an extra electric motor and pulleys etc. There is already a large motor attached to the splitter driving the ram and all it means is to connect into this reservoir with another hydraulic pump and some piping and up onto the elevator drive pulley. Sounds easy.

The Web site is continuing to be well used with 236 visits from seven countries during the period from 20th Feb to 22nd Mar 2010. There were 2 each from UK, South Africa and Australia, one each from Canada, Egypt and an unknown, plus 227 from NZ. We are getting quite good results and it should become a worthwhile tool for the Lodge. We only have two members not using a computer at this time, which is very good but I do believe they have computer access through family members who could assist them. I look forward to some more positive results from this site before to long.
Brethren, this site is now yours to use and to be informed of events so please make an effort to open it and keep abreast of the current Lodge activities.

The Opening Night for the Bowling Centre has come and gone with Pam, Roger, Bev and myself representing the lodge. I can assure you that they were disappointed the Defib has gone missing but they are working on a claim through their Insurance Co and are awaiting for the Police Report of the incident which they should have in the next few days before they submit it to the Insurance Co for replacement. We need look very seriously at our further donation of a plaque to house it for them and the advertising of ourselves with the Bowling Centre. They also gave a demo of the training unit to all present which was well received and then they introduced the Centre Patron who bowled the first bowl for the season. We weren't able to use the pull up banners for the advertising this year as they are to be used by another Lodge over the following weekend and they had them. The hall did look bare in comparison to last year.

Two of our brethren have been down in the South Island walking the Milford Track and I trust they didn't get to wet or even lost as they were in the last storm that hit down there. The weather may have chased them back home for news reports said they had been evacuated. I look forward to hearing of their adventures for the next print of the newsletter and I'll bring you up to date.

There is to be a discussion on the Practice Evenings at our next Management Meeting in April,of whether we change the day or not and if you have a preferred evening then now is the time to put it forward. There could be some difficulty with Lodge room hire on some nights as they are used by other Orders of Masonry and we may have to use a home or perhaps a shed some where.
We require these evenings to hone up on the ritual and keep our standard of presentation to a high level.

Is there any interest to hold a group discussion of the Greg Goding Papers as presented in P N last October for at the next Divisional Meeting in May there is to be a follow on and most members of Masonry have not even heard it? As one chap said to me the other night in Opunake, that Godings Paper was the best presentation he had heard in all the time he has been in the craft, to which I agree. There were only 7 members of Taranaki who were present at that meeting and I ask you how they are going to have any chance to help or assist the remaining members of the Lodges or District.

The District meeting held on the 25th was to say the least a damp squid and this meeting needs attention of format and input from members to be more successful and informative. Avant Garde got some special mention with the assistance and donations made to the district and also a mention of the fact that we didn't consult regards to the Appreciation and Order of Merit Awards recently presented. After many times examining the Book of Constitution and finding nothing in it to guide one and remembering past correspondence, the Div GM was asked to assist to which he did. Thanks Steve.

We congratulate Bruce & Sara Binnie for Bruce's nomination as our next Taranaki District GM and trust that it will be successful and that they have a very enjoyable term of office. I'm sure brethren and ladies will give them full support and wish them every success in this advancement of their masonic careers with the Taranaki District.

There is no Regular Meeting this month of April

Lion Lodge Installation on the 17th of April.
United Taranaki Installation: Bro Roger Marshall to be installed. Also 24th April.
Divisional Conference in Feilding 1st May.
Benevolence and Almoner's Meeting Saturday the 8th of May at Whanga Lodge rooms.

Management Meeting. 13th April Bev Agnew's 9 Ashmore Drive NP 7.30pm. 2010.

Practice Evenings to be notified.