March Newsletter 2010

I'm extremely pleased to report that the Web Site is up and running and it is proving to be very worth while and it is fairly easy to use and it will be available to all who use E-Mail etc. As we progress I'm sure one will find that we shall be using it almost every day to keep abreast of events and up with the latest happenings. Please use the forum section to have your say which will reach only to the members and may cover points for Management and Regular Meetings that you wish to raise or any respectable topic that one believes needs discussion. Don't be afraid of the site for the more it is used the more familiar one will become. Let there be fun and enjoyment.

There are folks outside of the district who have viewed our site and believe it is very good and gives us positive publicity so the more you use it the better it should become. I welcome any input you may suggest to help run the site and especially photos describing our activities.
One needs to use a password to get into the members section and you are required to log-in and log out when you have completed viewing etc. This is a safety feature that will keep the site secure and stop idiots from taking over so please use it correctly and log out when finished. The web Designer requests this and it is easily check upon, so please oblige.

Anyone having difficulties using the site, please contact Bernie and we shall have it seen to.

I'm pleased to report that M Wor Bro Dan is back in Base Hospital and making progress and at time of writing he is not having visitors but there is no reason brethren and partners can't pay a visit to Lois at home for she is just about as ill as Dan. Please make some effort.

The Firewood is now in demand and we have orders flowing in and we need a concerted effort to catchup and get ahead. I have cut down 4 more trees that require moving back to Smart Road and Roger's truck is now available. This wood will be for next years supply and there is quite a large amount as the trees were over a hundred year old. We must thank Neil and Marilyn for this kind donation and the hard work they have put in pulling the logs up and loading them for us.

Since this lot of trees and logs, we have been asked to look at clearing up some more across the road from Roger's and I think I have accepted them for the more we have the more we can sell. The last working bee we had several breakages on the old elevator which leaves some frustration for there is another unit waiting but not being completed.

The Feb, Taranaki Freemason Magazine published a letter I wrote to the editor and it has drawn very favorable comments from Brethren from around the country and most are in favor of the sentiments expressed. Of course there is always a few not supportive and to date I've only heard that two are not, which means a huge number are perhaps supportive. I have received an E-Mail from a member in Christchurch, congratulating me and informing that he feels the same and trusts that something may come from this letter to improve our district. Whether there is anything done is something else, for it is really up to brethren. The main theme is Attitude and this means membership overall, needs to be more vocally and actively supportive within the Craft here in Taranaki District. The old traditions need to be put aside and one is required to think, as the younger members and their needs for the craft in general.

Bob and Jean put on another very good BBQ Luncheon and the day remained quite fine although rain was threatening most of the morning. Numbers were down on the usual but this could be expected. These BBQs have been held for a large number of years and a lot of fun held but as members have aged they have lost interest somewhat and in time I think they will stop altogether if we allow it too, rather a shame I believe.

We shall be holding the second degree working in the winter around July or August or as soon as we can arrange it with our new member but it won't be before, as they are heading away for a period that will miss our May and June meetings.

Keep this date free: May the 1st in Feilding. Div Annual Meeting. Lets give this meeting the support it requires and send a car load or two of Avant Garde members. I believe we shall have the time of our lives. Those whom have not been before, now is the time to attend.Ladies are not included this year and there is no Dinner following on in the evening as previously held.

20th March: Senior Masons & Widows Luncheon Midhurst Hall 12.30pm. (We are supplying the sound equipment)
22nd March: Wor Master requests as many members as possible to accompany him to United Taranaki for a visit.
District Meeting on the 25th of March 7.30pm in the Whanagamomona Lodge Rooms, Inglewood. This is a meeting for all members of the district and gives one an opportunity to express their views and discuss future events. The more members of a Lodge attending these meetings will be advantageous to that particular Lodge.

Nominations close shortly for District Grand Master and Grand D C along with G Stewards and some other officers.

Lion Lodge Installation on the 24th of April.
United Taranaki Installation: Bro Roger Marshall to be installed.Also 24th April.
Benevolence and Almoner's Meeting Saturday the 8th of May at Whanga Lodge rooms. This to be confirmed!

Management Meeting. Roger Bryant's 7.30pm. 9th March 2010.

Practices are the last two Tuesdays of each month at Darnell Street. 7.30pm 23rd & 30th
These days are to be discussed at our meeting and they may change to suit members attending.
Enthusiasim: A little thing that makes a Big Difference. Anonymous