May 2014

Avant Garde Lodge
May 2014 Newsletter
On behalf of the Avant Garde Members, Wives and Partners we offer our hearty congratulations to Brian and Dulcie on their Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary on the 24th of April and trust they enjoyed the day with family and friends. This is a milestone achievement of their relationship and we wish them both, all the best.

The WM and I interviewed another candidate a couple of weeks back and we strongly recommend his nomination into Avant Garde, details to follow later. This shows that we must be doing somethings correctly to be so attractive for new membership, so keep up the good work. We must continually be aware that there shall always be requirements for membership to be replaced either because of retirement, alteration of employment, movement away from the area or natural attrition. All of these can cause a reduction of members when least expected.
I therefore charge all, to become aware that there is a need to increase membership and to invite your friends and or family to participate with the Lodge in it's social activities. This will give the opportunity for them to find out that we are no different, from themselves and that they may fit in with us.

As we are now running down to the end of our Financial Year, please ensure that your dues are up to date and not allowed to fall behind. Of special note, this next three financial years, Capitation is to increase again by $5.00 per year and we shall soon be paying $90.00 per member by 2016. This is a large slice of Lodge Dues.

Our former District GM has now relieved me of the Lodge secretary's position and I must say there is some relief for the amount of work I was doing was beginning to feel heavy on the shoulders and as I have been relieved of another secretary's work also, things are starting to become a little more easier and by the next month or so, I shall be more focused on my important work as Dist GM.

As I asked, in last months Newsletter, for members to give some thought to how we can select an attractive Project for the District so we can apply to the Charity Fund for the $5000.00 Grant, offered by the GM. I now believe it is time to sit down with lodge representatives and discuss this important topic and build upon ideas from members. But first the Lodge must get around the table and discuss the possibilities of a suitable project to support. I shall therefore call a meeting in the beginning of August for Lodges to send two representatives each, members who will be able to work conjointly to develop a chosen Project and see it built through to completion.
This could take twelve months or more if we can get it underway, so please be prepared.

To assist you, I suggest you give serious thought to the following requirements of a Charitable Project suitable for the District.
A; It must be applied to Charity amongst the community. Therefore it must be an organisation who have some collective participation in towns with domiciled Lodges.
B; There needs to be a paper trail to demonstrate where the funds have gone to.
C; We must apply to the Divisional Almoner for approval.
D; If we don't follow these simple rules we shall not receive the funding.

We as a District, must first identify a District wide community organisation that we can sit down with and discuss our aims of the project and assist them to build their involvement along with each local Lodge. The Project must have recognition from the Media as well, both Newspapers and Radio and worthy of reporting. We need to get our name out there through our support, which could be ongoing into the future, building a valuable relationship for both parties.

With our growth of new members into the Lodge, it is time we gave consideration to holding serious educational activities for them to learn the intricacies of Freemasonry, for there is a lot to learn if one wishes to progress and be able to feel comfortable within the Lodge itself.

Just how this is to be done, must be arranged within the lodge from it's members. There are Divisional Brethren who are willing to assist Lodges in this field of development and they
need only be asked to come along to assist.

On Saturday the 24th of May the Divisional
Conference will be held over in Napier and I recommend as many of our Lodge brethren as possible to attend, for it is an opportunity to find some further enlightenment and to have your say in the development of Freemasonry in general. There are registration forms available from the Lodge Secretary or you can ask for one from the Div Secretary himself V W Bro G T Harvie from Hawera. Ladies are also welcomed and will be well looked after.

Coming Events.
# 1st May: Almoners AGM in the Whanga Lodge rooms.
# 24 May: Divisional Conference in Napier
# 31st May: Research Lodge Installation and Dinner

Next Management Meeting:
May 13th Management Meeting: Bob Jagger's. 23 Mahoe St, Inglewood.

Avant Garde Keyrings for sale at $12.50 per each to members only and $15.50 to the Public. These will make a fine Gift, so please Contact either the Secretary or Treasurer.

25/04/2014 sent