Avant Garde Lodge
February 2013 Newsletter
Summer is proving to be rather warm with higher temperatures than we have had for sometime and everyone I speak too say they like it but I'm not so sure the Aussies do. They are now in swimming mode but a week or so ago it was fire cracker time with something like a hundred bush fires raging. They can have it for me I prefer to sit here in good old Taranaki and enjoy the weather as it comes hot or cold with no extremes.

Well we are underway again for another year and have already held the first couple of practices for the year and there have been a few inquiries of what is on and when. So Brethren it is time that we sat down and arranged our programme for the year without delay. Successful organisations work to an annual plan that points the direction ahead and all know the way. Freemasonry is working on a wing and a prayer and if we don't see some positive action soon we shall have to look at other methods. I suggest that we call a meeting of the Planning Committee for Saturday the 9th February in Darnell Street at 1.00pm if you agree or disagree, please advise or suggest a day that suits for I'm flexible.

The paint job we have on is coming along nicely and is beginning to see the finish which is very pleasing, for a couple of us have put in some long hours and it is time for a break. It has been an enjoyable project I must admit and to see the facial expressions of gratitude is the most rewarding but I'm sure we can have pride in helping this unfortunate lady.

Our Web Site is proving very valuable to the Lodge and showing there are many hits from NZ and around the world, with the most recent from a Bro in Australia who is wishing to visit with us when he is over here to stay with his brother and family. The Lacemakers from Auckland have also used it to make contact, requesting usage of the Lodgerooms but as we don't own them I have forwarded on the request to two other local lodges. This is proof that we are being seen by a number of the community through the site and of course there are also the scammers from Nigeria who are wishing to find more, with the name of TkBlme or what ever, which are in the bin. They don't actually have a recognisable name so they are easily sorted before they do any harm. ( I hope )

There have also been requests for accommodation from citizens of China who think the name of Avant Garde Lodge means somewhere to stay or hire but all things being equal it does show Avant Garde is out there and people are using our site for their needs We now need our own members to use it more than they do and if you think there is something wrong with it then don't hesitate to say so for it can be corrected fairly easily.

The Forum page is one that can be used to discuss anything a brother wishes to talk about and can be seen only by the members and not the general public, who are excluded. So if you wish members to think about any particular topic then this is the page to go to and await the replies. I'm sure we can use it more than we do at the moment so give it some use brethren. I am hearing that some don't use their computer and I feel sorry for them, but it is the most advanced instrument, that is in a household today and is being used more and more by people for communication to the detriment of NZ Post. I also say that we have young Bob who has learn't to adapt and can use the e-mail so ask yourselves, why you can't do the same, this would be a good question to start with. It is all to do with ATTITUDE.
A very good evening's BBQ, at Bill & Lorraine's last Sat and with beautiful, ideal weather, no rain and very minimal wind and nice sunshine but soon cooled down quickly once the sun set in the west. The food selection was gratefully accepted and extremely well presented with the cooking being done by three volunteers. A beaut meal all round and very nice company.

There are two new prospective candidates who have been mentioned and one was at the recent BBQ and a very smart young lad he is too, who should go along way in whichever career he chooses. I'm sure he would make a very good Freemason if he decides to come with us.

The Office of District Grand Master becomes vacant in November and nominations are being called for now and they close by the 28th of March 2013. If you know of any brother who you believe would fill this office with skill and dignity then please don't hesitate to mention the name. You could also ask him if he would allow his name to go forward for nomination or I'm sure there would be someone else who could follow up on it, so think seriously about this nomination now, for it could impact on us all if no-one is nominated. We could possibly have one appointed from outside of the District who you may not know or like. Give it some serious thought over the next few weeks and see if we can come up with an eligible nomination .

The Grand Master has also sent out an invitation to brethren to accompany him to the Queensland Installation on the 5th - 7th July 2013 so if you are interested then please call me and I'll forward you the information required to register your acceptance.

There will be an Initiation ceremony held on the 2nd of March and every member has been allocated a Charge to present and if you don't know what is expected of you then please don't hesitate to call the WM or Sec. There have been three Practices to date with only four to six members present so the rest will need to know their work.

Further Practices will be advised at the Feb Regular Meeting.

Brethren we will need to settle on a day to hold a discussion for the New Strategic Direction which we shall discuss at the Feb Meeting so please bring your little booklet that you all received with the National Freemason Magazine and give it some thought and let's hear your ideas on the matter.

February is to be quite busy as the Lodges resume activities and to begin with Grand Lodge visit to Taranaki Daylight on the 4th FebSenior Masons and Widows Luncheon on the 16th of Feb and then some of the Grand Lodge brethren shall be travelling over to Hawkes Bay to perform an Installation Ceremony for the Daylight Lodge in Taradale which should prove a rather enjoyable weekend.

Then moving into March with the first Installation for the year in the District, in Patea on the 13th of Mar and the Masonic Bowling Tournament following on the 24th Mar. Can Avant Garde raise a team for this event? If you are interested please advise the WM.

Our Master has indicated he will be travelling to some of the other Lodges in the District and if anyone wish to accompany him then let him know the next time you are seeing him and make these arrangements to pool cars etc. Visiting is as you know one of the activities Freemasons have on their programme and this is when you can meet and make friends. These friendship can usually last a lifetime and are very worthwhile.

The Counties Maukau District who performed our installation back in Sept are travelling down to Lion Lodge in Ormandville to do their installation in early April this year. This weekend is very delightful and enjoyable and highly recommended for brethren to travel to. I believe we should look seriously into sending a good representative team of Avant Garde brethren and wives etc over. If you are interested we can book accommodation ASAP so let me know your thoughts on the matter

Perhaps we should also look into the practicalities of returning a visit to Counties Maukau this year also for we shall owe them one.
Avant Garde Keyrings for sale at $12.50 per each to members only and $15.50 to the Public. These will make a great Gift so please Contact either the Secretary or Treasurer.

Next Regular Meeting: Tuesday the 5th of February 2013 Darnell Street. 6.30pm.

Next Management Meeting is on Tuesday the 15th of January 2013. Brian & Dulcie Chainey's 51 Pembroke Road, Stratford. 7.30pm.

Junior Practice Meeting: NOTE: These will begin again on Thursday 28th Feb 2013.
********************* ( Please advise if you are not able to attend).

B.A. B.
31/ 01/2013