October 2012

Avant Garde Lodge
October 2012 Newsletter
The latest National Freemason Magazine has a few features that make very good reading and promising developments for the Craft, over the next few years or so. I would suggest brethren take the time to read the magazine from cover to cover and once completed sit back and think about the factors that could be implemented into our Lodge and bring forth these ideas for implementation. Could I suggest pages 18,19 and 20 especially, for these do have a few ideas for the next Morning Tea. There is also one item which reflects a few memories, for who do you think is standing in the doorway of the Shantytown Lodge? It maybe a little difficult to identify but if you saw the original photo it would soon become apparent.

I personally believe that we are beginning to develop Avant Garde to the point it is becoming known for the activities we are involved in and being singled out as the Lodge within Taranaki who are the most charitable and most hospitable especially again since the installation weekend. This can really only be achieved by the continual good work being put in by members and wives that must keep the wheels turning, for without this display of generosity, we should be floundering along like so many others. Direction is surely the main factor of our success so please keep putting the best foot forward, for we still have someway to go yet.

Our hospitable generosity over installation weekend was appreciated immensely by our guests from the Counties Manukau District who went home from Avant Garde with a huge impression of goodwill and fondness for our Lodge. This could not have been made possible without the keenness of the Ladies who arranged the gifts and entertainment for the visitors. A very grateful and appreciative, “ Thank You” to Lorraine, Bev, Margaret and Pam and also Roger, for all the combined time and effort they put into the weekend that contributed to such a fine example of hospitality. To those who were absent, you missed a fine display of camaraderie and goodwill that is difficult to find within our own district. Will we all be interested to return the visit to the Counties Manukau area? in answer to their invite to come up there next year. Put this up on the calender for next year sometime.

I think it would be more appropriate if the Lodge invited Districts to our Installation instead of the District, for the negative support shown by Taranaki is just so overwhelming to say the least, with only one visiting Master and the balance from outside the District, says a lot. I'm certain that Taranaki Masonic District no longer has the ability or generosity to host another visiting District if they stay away in such numbers as the last visit demonstrates and is any example. Our District GM is planning a visit to Hastings for their Daylight Lodge Installation set down for the 23rd of February 2013 which is a Saturday, so place this on the calender also, one does not have to be a Grand Lodge Officer to enjoy the away visits and it will help younger members develop for the future as one builds on the friendships made and compare the activities with our own.

The year is running down fast and we now only have twelve months to arrange our next installation which is promising to be a large affair with the Grand Master being in attendance and this in turn will bring a few others along to help celebrate our tenth year of operations.
We need to select the Master for the next two years as well as appoint the Lodge Officers so keep this in mind, for it is going to be a very busy schedule required and plenty of work and visiting, for those whom accept the management positions. It can be expected that if the master doesn't visit then we can't expect visitors in return ourselves. Over these past years we have developed some very rewarding relationships with Lodges from around the country and we need to continue this theme. There are Lodges like Lodge Kawerau, Lion Lodge, Lodge of Liberal Arts and Lodge Copernicus and the Districts of Bay of Plenty and now Counties Manukau and how many of these have we returned visits to. Let this coming year be one that we are seen out and about, renewing our relationships formed earlier.

To those who have not seen the Mid Week Newspaper, we feature in a News item of the presentation to the New Plymouth Community Food Bank, for two Fridges and a Freezer unit along with a photograph and a short write up of the event. There is also an advert of the Lodge to which we paid for. Now I ask you all to mention this article to some of your friends and see what their reaction is to it and whether it was widely viewed and commented upon. We require feed back to enable us to value the effort and worthiness of the work expended for there was quite a lot of time spent on this project and we need to see some sort of result, be it good or bad. Lets hear from you.

Over the next few months the brethren of Avant Garde Lodge will be having a rather busy time with Degree working and it is suggested that members concentrate on the ritual work for we shall have three degrees to perform over this period. There is a second in Nov and March is to be an Initiation and then there is a Third in June so one needs to know their work especially those in offices. The others will need to do allocated charges that are being worked on.

You should all have received your National Freemason Magazine this past month and if not or you wish to have a spare one for friends, please advise me for I have a few on hand that are good for this purpose. There is also the Registration Form for next years Grand Installation weekend in Wellington which I feel is over the top with costs but I'm sure the cost of venues will be the leading factor. To date I'm not sure whether Wendy will be taking a bus trip, for when I asked her a while ago she said she would be looking into it but I have not heard of any further progress. Usually all the Taranaki Masons stay at a motel that Wendy has arranged so there is still time for this to be done.

Registration for one person is $385.00 and $335.00 if you catch the early bird to 31st June 2013. For a couple it is $775.00 and $685.00 for early bird. One must arrange for their own travel, accommodation and in between meals in these prices. The other prices on Rego Form are inclusive of all except travel.

Avant Garde Keyrings for sale at $12.50 per each to members only. These will make a great Xmas Gift so please Contact either the Secretary or Treasurer to obtain your next gift.

Next Regular Meeting: Saturday 10th November Darnell Street.3.00pm.

Next Management Meeting is on Tuesday the 9th Oct G R Thompson 45 Banks Street NP. 7.30pm.

Second Degree Practices:
October 2nd 16th 23rd & 30th with a Final Full Rehearsal on the 6th of Nov 7.30pm.

Junior Practice Meeting: NOTE: No Junior practices this month of October either, as I'll be on
********************* holiday down south till the 3rd of Nov.

District Events:
18th Oct, District Meeting, Whanga Lodge rooms 7.30pm. All welcome to attend and have your say.
23rd Oct, Ikaroa Lodge Installation.
24th Oct, Research Lodge Niblock Memorial Lecture.
10th November: 2nd Degree.
18th Nov Copernicus Installation.

Taranaki Grand Lodge Officers will be performing an Installation Ceremony in Hastings on the 23rd Feb 2013. Please keep this weekend free.
B.A. B.