August 2012

Avant Garde Lodge
August 2012 Newsletter
The Longest Morning Tea has once again come and gone and it still has not achieved the desired results for us but I believe we should take a careful look into whether the Saturday is suitable and especially with school holidays. We Thank all those members, wives and partners who supplied the plates of delicious food which although a lot was left over it was appreciated and we Thank you again for the effort that was put into the morning. There was much the same response received as last year, numbers wise, and a little down on income with not the same generosity being displayed most likely because of the recession we are going through. Was it worthwhile? one may ask, and I believe it was, but lets put some more thought into it for it has good potential to assist the PR of the Lodge if nothing else.

This day took some arranging, mainly by a few of the members and it really requires full participation of the Lodge with all inviting their friends and or relations to come along for some enjoyment and meet with the community. We need to walk the talk. Perhaps with a different day it could be more acceptable for the community than the Saturday for there is a whole lot happening on this day of the week. Also if we provided more entertainment, like a live Band of some sort, for I'm sure if there is noise, more will come to investigate.

A huge “Thank You!” to those brethren and wives who assisted with the “Alzheimers Appeal Week” as collectors for it was of great assistance to the organisation because a number of collectors weren't able to attend due to ill health and or work commitments and I'm convinced it is being recognised by the public that Freemasonry is helping out amongst the communities so please keep it up. The next Appeal is to be held again in mid September of this year.

The Lodge Brethren and Ladies express their most Sincere Condolences to Ikue and Graham on the recent loss of Ikue's Grand Father back in Japan, our thoughts are with you both.

STOP PRESS: Just received. The Grand Master sends his fraternal greetings and accepts our invitation to attend theTenth Anniversary of the Dedication of The Avant Garde Lodge No503. This is the most welcoming news that I've heard for sometime and I look forward to the weekend of the 7th and 8th of September 2013. Ten years, some would say, is not very long but the fact is that we are still in operation when one considers all the harsh criticism that was banded about and is still being leveled at us. We have overcome most of the difficulties and we should now be able to view the future with more certainty than at the start. If all goes well there should be folk travelling to our Installation from all over the country, to that Taranaki Lodge who gives everyone a good time with their hospitality and generosity so lets display the perfection of our Lodge for the outside world to judge.

This years installation is being performed by the Counties Manukau District Grand Lodge and they are arranging a full team to come and install the Master and invest the Officers and it does appear that they will also provide the sitting Master for the Working Tool presentations as well which will make for a very interesting weekend. On Sunday the 8th of Sept we shall again be holding the Brunch at 209 Smart Road and all are welcome to come. We shall require cooks for the meal and brethren to assist with presenting and cleaning up after so don't be afraid to put up your hand to help out on the morning. This event has been performed almost every year to date and the remarks heard from those attending have been very positive and grateful of the hospitality.
Please keep in mind that as we arrange the entertainment it is so much easier on those doing the work if you members could inform us of the intention of whether you are attending or not so we can get these arrangements correct and not have to double up or miss out.

A very special welcome home to Bill & Lorraine who have been over the other side of the world sunning themselves and having a good time while we have been out in our raincoats and warm wear clothing keeping the fire burning. I must say we have missed them and it is good to have them back if only to boss us about. Welcome home!

Our Second Degree for Bro Walton is on Nov the 10th at Darnell Street and we shall be doing all the working for some of our members shall be in Australia attending an Installation with the GM and Grand Lodge entourage which is a regular event that attracts a large following. We need to hold regular practices and brethren are reminded to learn or revise your charges and aim for a high standard of presentation.

I have said this before but it must be repeated; Our Web Site has cost a considerable amount to set up and it is working, for there have been a few positive contacts made but nothing concrete but when I look into the membership who have logged into it there is the problem. I try very hard to keep the calendar up to date with meetings and events throughout the year but if no-one is viewing it one must ask what is the use? Please tell me, because I could be doing something wrong here and it may need changing, so please advise for it will be appreciated.

There is also an area titled Forum and this is a very good area to put in comments that either interest you or you can make a reply to, or even stir the pot if you so choose but it is available only to members, to source and use, so I suggest we use it or we can remove it, for it all costs to the Lodge. I have written a comment currently in the Forum section and would appreciate brethren responding to it for there is a question that a brother asked and I would like to hear what the answer is from others.

Don't forget the Offal Dinner and Ladies Shout on Sat the 11th of August.

Avant Garde Keyrings for sale at $12.50 per each to members only. These will make a great gift so please Contact either the Secretary or Treasurer to obtain your next gift.

Next Regular Meeting: 7th August Darnell Street 6.30pm.

Next Management Meeting is on Tuesday the 14th August at W Yatemans 6 Highfield Place NP.
Installation Practices: August Tuesday the 21st & 28th 7.30pm

Second Degree Practices: Sept 18th & 25th. October 16th , 23rd & 30th

Junior Practice Meeting: Tuesday the 30th August 7.30pm.

District Events:
Aug 3rd : Triennial General Meeting. Senior Masons & Widows Luncheon 7.30pm Whanga Lodge Rooms.
Aug 6th : Daylight Installation.
Aug 8th : GL Visit Patea.
Aug 27th : GL Visit United Taranaki.

B.A. B. 28/07/2012