May Newsletter

Avant-Garde 503
May 2012 Newsletter
======================================================================= April weather has been the best so far for this year but it is cooling down quite dramatically and I think we could expect a good cover on the mountain before long. It is now time to finish sowing the new lawn or to fertilise it and look hard for the moss content and order your Iron Sulphate to take it out.

For those of us who travelled over to Dannevirke for the Lion Installation were not disappointed with the reception we received for it turned out a very enjoyable weekend that had to be cut short for there just was not enough hours in the day and there were many things we could have done if only there were more hours to the days. But we had a great time even if the lighting was a little dim or was that the driver who was dim. I'm just not sure. There were many folk at the installation from all around the area and further a field who made it so rewarding and enjoyable. Some were known to us and a few were new which makes for more opportunity to advance ones masonic friendships.

I thank the Freemasons Charity for their generous donation towards our application for assistance to a young lady suffering from the debilitating disease of Muscular Distrophy which is at the point of restricting her movements and her ability to work or do any manual activities. This lady requires assistance to perform any simple task, like picking up a pen from the floor and as she owns her own home there are tasks such as mowing the lawn, cleaning windows, painting and weeding the garden.
Already we have cut some branches, trimmed a hedge and cleaned up around the section and she has had the lawns mown. I have water-blasted the patio that makes things look a whole lot better.

To help her over the next few months the Lodge have offered to supply a security door and lock and to paint the walls of the house, which funding has been supplied from the Charity fund. This will relieve her of some of the stress that she has faced these past twelve months.
Brethren your Lodge needs you to offer assistance in the painting and tidying up of the section for this distressed lady, so could you please contact the secretary for details of working bees providing this work.

The Freemasons Charity Administrator, Mrs Sheila Hicking has written to the Lodge expressing their thanks and I quote two paragraphs from the letter; On behalf of the Divisional Grand Almoner I thank the Lodge and the Benevolence Officer for the time and effort in compiling a report to support this application, and the compassion that has been shown to the circumstances, including local brethren commitment to assisting the applicant in upkeep of her property.

The Fund does rely upon ongoing contributions from Brethren to ensure it will be in a position to assist those in need, and to this end we appreciate the ongoing contributions made by your Lodge to the Fund. Unquote; I also spoke with the Divisional Grand Almoner, Gordon Riach a couple of weekends ago and he expressed his thanks to the members for the work Avant Garde is doing and the support to the Fund. Brethren you can be very proud of your contributions.

Avant Garde Lodge is becoming the Lodge of the future and recognised more and more as we progress through the years. It is now seen as supplying, working, and attending amongst the community as well as the Masonic Community and at Opunake the other evening we were the only visiting Lodge Master and brethren for the Grand Lodge visit to Ikaroa for their Anzac Meeting although members of Whangamomona were also there with their Grand Lodge members. Those of you who missed attending this service I can honestly say you must attend the next one for it is quite a moving ceremony and certainly different from the continual ritual work of most Lodges. I must thank Clive for coming along also which gives more meaning to teaching and learning amongst the craft membership. Congratulations must go to the Ikaroa members for their fortitude in presenting this ceremony and to the idea of opening it up in the future to the community, this could make for a very interesting opportunity to build their Lodge. Lest we Forget.

On the 12th of May 2012 the members of Avant Garde Lodge are expected to travel to Dannevirke for the Second Degree being performed by the Lion Lodge members on our Bro Wayne, and it is the responsibility of each of us to be in attendance for this ceremony to support our Brother. I request you to make every effort to attend for it is a very important period in the progress of membership and we should be seen offering support and encouragement to our brother, so think seriously before you decide not to travel. To date I have only five members plus the candidate which is not very encouraging at all so I ask you once again to give some thought to our new brother and our ladies are more than welcome for Lion are providing entertainment for them as well.

Brethren, the Divisional Conference is being held here in Taranaki for the first time on the 19th & 20th of May and this is one meeting you should all attend as it is on your doorstep and gives you an opportunity to see how Freemasonry is working and developing for your interests. There will be plenty of information being given that makes one feel slightly overwhelmed, but be assured it does become understandable as time moves on and you are able to experience the factors mentioned. It is also an opportunity to voice your opinions if you so desire, but, there is only one brother representing the Lodge who has the voting power, that can change the pathways or agree with them for you. Please make every effort to support both the Lodge and the District with your presence and make the advancement mentioned in your ritual ceremonies. Don't forget, you have to register before the 4th of May and if you don't have the registration forms please contact Secretary ASAP.

On Sunday the 20th of May there is to be a 10.00am church service at St Mary's in New Plymouth and all Lodge members ,wives and family members throughout the District are requested to attend and support our District and the Dist Grand Master who is our leader and one of us. This is an opportunity were you may wear your full Lodge Regalia and show the community that we are not the demons but one ordinary Joe Blow, who is working amongst the community for the benefits of his fellows. I suggest that it is also a great opportunity to provide funds towards the church in their endeavours assisting the community as well. So brethren, please make another effort of generosity that we see you give in the Lodge, for this will be recognised publicly and how well we are thought of in the future by our fellow citizens.

Our District Grand Master has intimated that he has a request from another District namely Counties Manukau No7 to come down to Taranaki and perform an Installation and Avant Garde are being asked to host them similarly to when the Bay of Plenty visited us a few years back. This is an occasion when we can show off our achievements since formation and also have an enjoyable time as well. So if you have any thoughts on the matter then don't hesitate to discuss it at the next Management Meeting on the 8th of May.

We have four members to date offering to assist with this years Alzheimer's Annual Appeal here in NP and if anymore decide to help out it will be greatly appreciated by this organisatin. The Appeal is being held on two separate occasions with the first being the “ Cuppa for a Cause Appeal” 23rd to 28th of July at the Countdown Supermarkets and there is to be a second appeal called “Awareness Appeal Week” that will coincide with World Alzheimer's Day on the 21st September 2012. This organisation is one that is very worthy of support and brethren are asked to select which week and or days they wish to assist with and contact the Lodge Secretary who will forward onto the Alzheimers Taranaki Branch. They will recontact you allocating the days you select so please give this your urgent consideration and show the community we care and assist.

Keyrings for sale at $12.50 per each. These will make a great gift so please Contact either the Secretary or Treasurer to obtain your next gift.

Next Management Meeting is on Tuesday the 8th May at Lewis Roach's 77 Pendarves Street NP.
May Regular Meeting; Tuesday the 1st May 2012. Darnell St NP 6.30pm.

May 5th; G M visit to Whanga and Musical 3rd Degree.
May the 14th Lodge Manaia Installation.
May 19th ;Divisional Conference & Dinner. Bell Block. All attendees must Register Now.
May 23rd Research Lodge Installation.
Junior Practice Meeting: Thursday the 31st May 7.30pm.

June 5th; Grand Lodge Visit to Avant Garde.

B.A. B.