August Newsletter

Avant-Garde 503
August 2011 Newsletter
A “Huge Thank You”! To those members and Ladies who helped Alzhimer's Taranaki with their Appeal Week in mid July; Your efforts were gratefully appreciated both by them and the Lodge, for they were a little short on numbers and we were able to show the flag of our community involvement. This makes for good Public Relations which Freemasonry has allowed to fall away over the years and we are are not recognised for our contribution to society in general.

On behalf of all members and Ladies, I welcome Wayne and Maxine Samways into our Lodge and trust they are able to find many years of enjoyment and fellowship with us. The Initiation Ceremony on the 9th of July was a huge success and most enjoyable and the following dinner being very well done at the Auto Lodge Hotel. I must pass on the compliment that was given to myself from the Hotel Management; “It is very pleasing, seeing men dressed in suits and ties attend dinners. It is not very often they cater for such well dressed customers and it is good having us there”. This is great PR for our Lodge.

The “Longest Morning Tea” is being arranged by our Lodge and we require lots of support from members by attending and helping out on the morning with finger food suitable for the morning snack and being prepared to answer any questions on Freemasonry that may arise. The cost is a Gold Coin Donation per person which will be given to Alzheimer's Taranaki to assist with their fund raising. They have offered to come along to help out as well so lets put on a good morning that we can be proud of and one that many talk about afterward. Two Adverts have been placed in the Midweek Newspaper and the Radio Works FM have been notified of the day for the Community Events and I'm still to arrange with Radio Network ( AM) for this to be broadcast also. It is difficult to know the numbers likely to attend but it is a step in the right direction and one that we should be able to build upon in the future.

We have put together photographs of activities the Lodge and members have been involved with over the past few years that will show a good idea of our involvement and the fun we have doing it, on power point projection that should run continuously.
There has been quite a lot of work go on before the day and we now need others to assist with making tea or coffee and keeping the tables replenished and tidying up after, as well as welcoming the public at the door and a guide or two in the Lodge room.

The Installation is just around the corner now and the Master Elect is having his programme proof read and readied to go to print. The dinner will be at the Auto Lodge Hotel in a separate room and we are working on inviting a guest speaker from Auckland but he is not in the country at the moment until the end of July, so this is up in the air for a while yet. The day is promising to be just as enjoyable as past installations, for there have been inquires from Lodges outside of the District expressing interest to attend and also other individuals asking about the day. A Past Grand Master has given consent to participation in the ceremony and this should attract many others to attend also.

The Sunday BBQ Brunch is once again being held at our favorite benefactors on Smart Road and this is an attractive event that all those who attend have made very favourable comments of and I hear this many times whenever I'm in the Waikato or Bay of Plenty Districts. Many Thanks go to both Pam and Roger for their generosity they have given to the Avant-Garde Lodge over the years.
There shall be two Practice Evenings on the 18th and 25th of August at 7.30pm in Darnell Rooms for the Installation Ceremony and the placement of the new Lodge Officers. Please learn your new work of closing the Lodge and if you have time the Opening section as these will be your first challenge of the new positions.

Please remember, at our November Regular Meeting 2011,we have a challenge handed down to debate the topic that; “Freemasonry is like a Dinosaur, of very little use in Modern Day Society.” We require a few members to speak-up on our behalf to the negative of the Topic. We shall have to prove the statement wrong and that there are benefits of Freemasonry for Society. I ask, “is there anyone of our members prepared to defend our Lodge in this debate?”, for if there is, would you please advise the Secretary ASAP, for we need to put forward a combined winning Team effort that is going to blow the others out of the water, so to speak.

Members of Avant-Garde and Partners are cordially invited along to Neil and Marilyn Johnston's at 1283 Mangorei Road, (towards the Mountain ) New Plymouth on Friday evening 5th August from 7.30pm for a “Get Together BYO Supper & Drink” and be addressed by Mr Paul Rivers who has this week returned from America where he has visited many friends and places (like the John Deere factory) and is prepared to show film of his exploits while over there. Please advise your attendance to the WM.

Ladies and Brethen, you are all reminded of the Pot Luck Luncheon and BYO drinks being held at Graham & Margaret's home on Sunday the 28th of August 2011 from 11.30am onwards for the final function as our leaders. You are all invited, so please making this day a memorable occasion and express our thanks for their Term of Leadership of our Lodge. There have been some very enjoyable functions arranged by them and they have hosted many a meeting in their home and we express our Grateful Thanks.

Next Management Meeting is on the 9th August at Graham Thompson's 45 Banks Street Street New Plymouth. 7.30pm

Next Regular Meeting; Tuesday the 2nd August 2011 at Darnell Street NP . Time of Tyling is 6.30pm.

District Dates :
July 28th Masonic Trust A.G.M.Casual.
July 30th Longest Morning Tea. Darnell St.? Is now being advertised. Casual.
Aug 1st Taranaki Daylight Installation. Lounge Suit.
Aug 2nd Avant-Garde Regular Meeting 6.30pm.

B.A. B.

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