July 2011

Avant-Garde 503
July 2011 Newsletter
The shortest day of the year has come and gone and it still feels like it is Autumn with the roses coming into leaf and bud with the old growth still to be pruned. I don't think that anyone can remember June being so mild in past years and the grass still growing. It makes one wonder just what sort of a spring we are to have, but time shall surely tell.

The week from July the 11th to the 16th members will be assisting the Taranaki Alzheimer’s Assn to help the collection of funds at two of the local Supermarkets here in New Plymouth. This is arranged through the Assn with the outlets and they stipulate timing to suit themselves. I trust those members who have given their time to help this worthy cause have an enjoyable time and remember to advertise themselves with every opportunity for this is a very good community service performed by Freemasons. The more who know of us the better. Good Luck. Work precludes me from assisting at this time but I'll try to get sometime off.

Our Initiation Ceremony is on Saturday the 9th of July at 3.300pm and is promising to be an eventful afternoon and most are looking forward it. I'm sure we can impress our candidate with an excellent performance of members in presenting their charges. Please come prepared for the collection that shows just how Freemasonry helps the community and those in need. There is a dinner to follow at the Auto Lodge which should be of a high standard. Remember ladies are to meet at the Lodge rooms in Darnell Street New Plymouth.

The dress rehearsal is to be on Tuesday the 5th of July 2011.

You will remember I wrote in last months Newsletter that the Research Lodge is facing difficulties and requires a shot in the arm to get it moving again. Well, they have been invited to our November Meeting and there has been a challenge handed down to debate the topic being; “Freemasonry is like a Dinosaur, of very little use in Modern Day Society”. We require a few members to speak on our behalf to the negative of the Topic. We shall have to prove the statement wrong and that there are benefits of Freemasonry for Society, while they, members of Research, shall attempt to prove the statement is correct and of little use. Don't be overbearingly serious for a little lightheartedness will go along way. This should make for an interesting debate don't you think. I ask, is there anyone keen to support our Lodge in this debate? If so, please speak with the Secretary now so we can put up a good argument on the night.

At our June Management Meeting we discussed the possibility of providing some compassionate gesture to the residents of Christchurch and there has been an offer of a home that we could use which we gratefully appreciate and thanks go out to the donor for this offer. This may provide more questions like, just how are we to get these people here?, do we need to provide transport?, to and from the Airport?, also while they are here do we provide a vehicle,? dining and entertainment? all need to be answered before the offer is finalised. I can see that there will be different requirements for each family tastes. There are some other Lodges around the country already offering homes for these residents to stay in but I haven't heard of them being in Taranaki. Grand Lodge have a register of these homes and I believe that we can make our offer through them.

The District Meeting held on the 23rd was not very well patronised by members of the District and it must be difficult to arrange them with any enthusiasm, for our organisation is so very fragmented and there appears to be anti feelings of Grand Lodge. In my experience it does appear that some members are waiting for Grand Lodge to organise and arrange every single thing for them and their Lodge, and all members need do is come to their lodge meetings with their little carry bag, sit and listen, get up and go home again once each month. Do not adopt this attitude here in our lodge for we still have lots to do and make ourselves grow into the lodge that looks after it's members and they enjoy belonging to it.

I at times think, that Grand Lodge is the tail that wags the dog, but upon deeper investigation one will find that it is us who allow it too. We have the power and authority to make the Lodge, the organisation we want and it deserves to be so, providing it works within the Constitutional rules. This is the same as any sporting and or social clubs that function around us, so why do we continually hear the derision of Grand Lodge which is quite loud at times here in Taranaki? There has to be concentration on your own back yard and it's environment first and foremost before one moves outside of it. In other words we are responsible for the building of a Lodge that is worthy of membership and if we can't attract new members and assure them of a future then all one needs do is look inward at the current members and there lies the fault. Attitude and perhaps jealousy. I've seen this in a lot of the older Lodges and of course some of them have now gone west and the next is due to fall shortly within the District. A huge shame that should not have happened, if they had only just taken an inward look at themselves when problems first began to surface. The first sign of a problem within a Lodge is when there is the recycling of Masters and officers and this continues on until they pass away and there is no-one left.

Don't allow Avant-Garde to fall off the edge like this because we can make it happen and we have, for I now see others copying our example. Plus we have also built up an awareness that must continue for the foreseeable future. Are you prepared to assist?

Next Management Meeting is on the 12th July, at L Roach's 22 Pendarves Street New Plymouth. 7.30pm

Next Regular Meeting; Tuesday the 2nd August 2011 at Darnell Street NP . Time of Tyling is 6,30pm.

District Dates :
July 2nd Sister Constitutions Meeting Lodge Hinemoa Stratford. Afternoon start. Followed by a Burns Supper. Lounge suit.
July 7th Grand Lodge Visit to Whangamomona. Formal Dress
July 9th Emergency Meeting for Initiation of Wayne Samways as candidate. Lounge Suit.
July 28th Masonic Trust A.G.M.Casual.
July 30th Longest Morning Tea. Darnell St.? to be arranged. Casual.
Aug 1st Taranaki Daylight Installation. Lounge Suit.

B.A. B.

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