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Avant-Garde 503
December 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to our new District Grand Master, Bruce Binnie, who I'm sure will be a great asset to the position and as he comes from Avant-Garde we will have to make sure that we in turn give him all the support and encouragement along with any assistance he may require. It can be lonely at the top
and many only come along to find mistakes and to point fingers.

Oct 2010

Avant-Garde 503
Oct 2010 Newsletter


Our Installation is over once again and we can congratulate ourselves for the very good turnout of both members and visitors from outside of the District, namely Hastings, Havelock North,

Sept 2010

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Avant-Garde 503
September 2010 Newsletter

August 2010

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Avant-Garde 503
August 2010 Newsletter

Well spring us now in the air and one could question, What has happened to the year? For it was not long ago that we had Christmas. I'm sure that it is not global warming that is of concern but that the world is moving faster and the years are slipping past.

July 2010

Newsletter Avant-Garde 503
July 2010 Newsletter

There has been correspondence from Lodge Copernicus requesting information of our Installation day and it would appear that we could expect them to attend which may mean that there could be two bus loads coming from outside the District for this weekend. Roger has once again offered to cater for a BBQ Brunch on the Sunday and this will require a lot of help from the membership. So Brethren please make every effort to attend this weekend as we will be or could be hosting a large number of visitors.

June 2010

Avant Garde 503
June 2010 Newsletter

Well our magical summer although a little late this year has finally given way to some wet weather this past month and as we approach June the first snow has stayed on the peak of Mt Egmont and it has begun to rain all over the country bringing some relief to parched fields in the North and down in the South Island. There appears to be a drop in the temperature but I suggest that it is not so cold for this time of year and we have only had a couple of frosts here in North Taranaki but perhaps other areas have had more.

may 2010

Avant Garde 503
May 2010 Newsletter

The elevator has been given a good make over and paint job and is working quite well but a couple of small jobs are needed to safe guard the wear on the belt but other than that it is running very well.

April 2010


April 2010

March Newsletter 2010

I'm extremely pleased to report that the Web Site is up and running and it is proving to be very worth while and it is fairly easy to use and it will be available to all who use E-Mail etc. As we progress I'm sure one will find that we shall be using it almost every day to keep abreast of events and up with the latest happenings. Please use the forum section to have your say which will reach only to the members and may cover points for Management and Regular Meetings that you wish to raise or any respectable topic that one believes needs discussion.

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