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Avant Garde Lodge No. 503 was formed back in 2003 as a Dining Lodge, holding just seven regular meetings along with monthly management meetings throughout the year. Having the Motto of; "Pursuit of Excellence", with vision to further improve and develop Freemasonry membership here in Taranaki. In return, allowing members the opportunity to further advance themselves; Intellectually, Charitably, Educationally, Challengingly and to enjoy active participation with like minded men. Wives and partners also enjoy activities and fellowship in socialising and dining out after conclusion of the regular meetings.Freemasons Avant Garde Lodge No. 503

Current membership of the Lodge covers a variety of occupations consisting of; retired Factory Manager, Child health representative, ex Dairy farmers, Engineers, Plumber, Instrument Technician, Sheep & Beef Farmer’s Geologist and all have their own personal interests aside from family, being; fishing, music, singing, rugby, photography, operatic acting, cycling, motor cycling, soccer, bowling, wood turning plus more. It’s certainly a wide variety of activities.

It is a Lodge where men find peace of mind, away from the rigors of everyday business pressures by associating with like minded men and enjoying the fellowship of members with participation in many varieties of activities; eg. Barbecues, visiting other Lodges. Ceremonials, Social activities, Dining, Management Meetings, Historical Research, Charitable work, Caring Friends, Reliance on members, Embracing Information Technology, Giving support, plus many other attributes.

If there is something missing within your life, then perhaps we can assist you reaching your potential, for there is nothing incompatible with your Moral, Religious or Civic Duties in belonging to our internationally recognised Ancient Organisation which in reality, “is a way of life” many men have found it to be.

Discuss it amongst your wives, husbands, family and friends and if you feel inclined to know more, then please contact us and our Membership Officer will forward you the information you request. Ladies are more than welcome to use the site seeking information which may interest them and or be passed onto an appropriate Lady for a reply.

Thank you for taking the opportunity to browse the provided information which we trust has been satisfactory and beneficial.